GEC Project - About

The Global Engineering Competency (GEC) project aims to help technical professionals learn to more effectively span cultural boundaries. At the heart of this project is a collection of 70+ global engineering work scenarios designed for instruction and assessment. This site offers a wealth of resources for educators, trainers, and practicing professionals, including sample GEC scenarios, instructional guides, other assessment tools, and related scholarly materials. 

  • GEC Project - Resource Guide: A guide to using the scenarios presented on this site for instruction and/or assessment purposes.  
  • GEC Project - Scenario Index: An index to all scenarios freely available on this site, including relevant categories for every scenario.
  • GEC Project - Premium Scenario Index: A complete listing of additional scenarios that are only available to our clients and collaborators.
  • GEC Project - Category Guide: Detailed descriptions of all categories used to characterize and organize the scenarios we have created.
  • GEC Project - Acknowledgments: Information about the team behind this project, including a list of editors and contributors.
  • GEC Project - FAQ: Frequently asked questions and answers related to our collection of GEC project materials.
  • Global Assessment Platform (GAP): Companion site with country-specific GEC assessments and real-time performance indicators (coming soon!)

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