GEC Project - Category Guide

The Global Engineering Competency (GEC) project aims to help technical professionals learn to more effectively span cultural boundaries. At the heart of this project is a collection of 70+ global engineering work scenarios designed for instruction and assessment. This page lists all categories applied to the scenarios on this web site. For links to usage tips and other resources, see our About page.

Countries: Scenarios were developed for the following countries, picked for this project due to their status as rising or leading world economies, recognized influence in engineering and technology, and intensity of relations with the U.S.
China France* Germany India* Japan* Mexico*

Global Engineering Competency (GEC) Dimensions: Three facets of GEC identified through prior research.

Organizational Boundaries: Typically related to working across formal organizational roles and structures.

  • Inter-organizational: Scenarios that involving spanning or interactions across multiple organizations.
  • Inter-team: Scenarios that involve spanning or interactions among multiple work groups or teams.
  • Intra-team: Scenarios that involve spanning or interactions within a single work group or team.
  • Hierarchical/vertical: Scenarios that involve interactions or dynamics with notable differences in status or rank.
Job Roles: Job title, position, or expertise of the imagined protagonist in a given scenario.
Agriculture Engineer* Automotive Engineer* Biomedical Engineer* Chemical Engineer*
Civil Engineer* Computer Engineer* Design Engineer* Early Career
Electrical Engineer* Electronic Design Engineer* Engineer* Environmental Engineer*
Industrial Engineer* Manager* Material Engineer* Mechanical Design Engineer
Mechanical Engineer* Nuclear Engineer* Packaging Engineer Process Engineer*
Product Engineer* Product Manager Project Manager* Quality Engineer
Safety Engineer* Sales Engineer* Six Sigma Engineer* Software Engineer*
System Engineer* Technical Manager Technical Team Leader*  
Sector: Industry/market sector that serves as the setting or context for a given scenario.
Aerospace* Agricultural* Automotive* Chemical*
Construction* Cosmestics* Design* Electronic Design*
Environmental* Food Processing* Information Technology Manufacturing*
Nuclear* Petroleum Pharmaceutical* Plastic*
Sales Software* Software Development* Software Service Provider*
Technology* Telecommunications*    
Situation: Type of work situation that is the primary focus or backdrop for a given scenario.
Contract* Design* Joint Venture* Manufacturing
Packaging Personnel* Plant Start-Up R&D*
Regulatory* Vendor/Supplier*    
Other Boundaries: Other boundary types that are relevant to a given scenario.

* Terms marked with an asterisk only apply to scenarios in our premium collection.

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