GEC Scenario #38: Design Work

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As an engineer in a U.S.-based manufacturing firm, you are sent to Stuttgart to lead a product design partnership with a German company. The joint venture has been underway for nearly two years. You are preparing for a joint planning meeting with your German counterparts. Your American colleagues want to stop the design work because costs are mounting and the product nearly meets the original design specifications. What would you do?

  1. As team leader, declare that the design phase is ending.
  2. As team leader, give a presentation that builds a strong case for stopping the design work.
  3. Seek additional resources to continue the design work.
  4. Ask your American team members to take the lead in proposing an end to the design work.
  5. Before the meeting, try to get the leader of the German group to agree with stopping the design work.
  6. Seek support from management to revise the original design specifications. 

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