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Our People

GEEC Coordinators

GEEC Affiliates

  • Bunmi Babajide, Graduate Student, School of Engineering Education
  • Neha Choudhary, Graduate Student, School of Engineering Education
  • Soheil FatehiBoroujeni, Postdoctoral Assistant, School of Engineering Education
  • Arístides P. Carrillo Fernández, Graduate Student, School of Engineering Education
  • Tiago Forin, Graduate Student, School of Engineering Education
  • Isabel Jimenez-Useche, Interim Assistant Head, First-Year Engineering Program
  • Andrew Katz, Graduate Student, School of Engineering Education
  • Dayoung Kim, Graduate Student, Engineering Education
  • Swetha Nittala, Graduate Student, School of Engineering Education
  • Lin Peng, Visiting Scholar, Institute of Education, Tsinghua University
  • Kavitha Ramane, Graduate Student, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Mary Pilotte, Associate Professor of Engineering Practice, School of Engineering Education
  • Sang Eun Woo, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychological Sciences

GEEC Alumni

  • Nastascha (Trellinger) Buswell, Assistant Teaching Professor, University of California,Irvine
  • Scott Campbell, MAC Product Design Engineer, Apple
  • James Huff, Assistant Professor, Harding University
  • Joe J. J. Lin, Assistant Professor, Soochow University, Taipei, Taiwan.
  • Andrea Mazzurco, Lecturer of Engineering Education, Swinburne University of Technology
  • Lindsey Payne, Assistant Director of Learning Services, Center for Instructional Excellence, Purdue University
  • Canek Phillips, Postdoctoral Researcher, Rice University
  • Mune-Aki Sakamoto, Visiting Scholar, Department of Applied Chemistry, Kanazawa Institute of Technology
  • Deepika Sangam, Educator Professional Development Specialist, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
  • Corey Schimpf, Learning Analytics Scientist, The Concord Consortium
  • Julia Thompson, EPICS Associate, San Jose State University
  • Ying Wang, Director, International Student Center, Beijing Institute of Technology
  • Jian Yuan, Administration and Economics of Education, Beihang University
  • Qin Zhu, Research Assistant Professor, Colorado School of Mines