GEC Scenario #1: Shanghai Quality

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As an employee in a large multinational corporation, you are temporarily assigned to your company’s branch operations in Shanghai, China. You are a member of a team consisting of three Chinese engineers, all at the same rank as you. Your team reports to an engineering manager, who is also Chinese. You are in a team meeting where your manager proposes a solution to a difficult quality control problem. However, you are concerned that the proposed solution will fail. What would you do?

  1. Have the entire team approach the manager together.
  2. Bring up your concerns in the meeting.
  3. Set aside your concerns and follow the manager’s lead.
  4. Discuss the issue with the manager later, in a private meeting.
  5. Consult your Chinese team members about appropriate actions to take.
  6. Discuss your concerns with a higher-ranking manager.

Additional Resources: Global Engineering Competency Vignette #1 (video based on scenario) and Instructional Guide

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